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I’m the key master. Are you the gatekeeper? Having fun painting fairy tale-esque characters; will attempt to get create some more soon. 
Loving this inktober challenge and really just everything about October. I can’t tell you how many pumpkin flavored beers I’ve tried so far and how delighted I’ve been to wear hoodies about every day. :D 
So I’ve been playing a 3.5 edition game of Dungeons and dragons for over a year with the same guys now. One of them just hit their 32nd bday to which he didn’t let me know about the meet up about two hours before it happened. So I knocked out a quick painting of his character who is a belligerent, drunk curmudgeon of a pixie to say in the least (whom likes to throw fireballs at everyone and everything). He’s also an avid magic the gathering player so I used a mtg typeface also. Anyhow I should probably go to bed as I teach in the morning. 
So I’m going to attempt (attempt being the key word) to do the 30 days of art improvement challenge starting with a self portrait. 
At the unity conference in Seattle peddling my wares. :D Everyone is so friendly and the lectures are great!